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What you'll get from this webinar:

Amp up your coaching game by going from transactions to transformations. During this webinar, you'll hear about CoachVille's unique coaching theory and explore these four questions.

  1. What is great coaching?
  2. Why pursue mastery of coaching?
  3. Why study with CoachVille on your path to mastery?
  4. When to manage and when to coach?

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About Our Host

Dave Buck

CEO of CoachVille

Dave is the Chief Celebrant at CoachVille.  Enthusiasm and infectious energy are the original hallmarks of Coach Dave. He holds a deep desire to change the world through coaching and empower coaches and leaders worldwide.

He sees a way beyond bureaucracy, beyond rules to a way of truly living. He is inspiring and challenging coaches worldwide to become masterful, game changing coaches and leaders.

His superpowers: champion of the spirit of play, life changing conversations and profound transformation. He is here to lead you from Industrial Age thinking to the Connected Age of Purpose and Play.

He is a Master Certified Coach and MBA, founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council  and of course, the CEO of CoachVille.

Coach Dave

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